AYO-IVAYO-IV predicts the mechanical properties of rubber, plastics and other polymers in a small range of deformations. ASTM D 945-16 test method calls for the use of AYO-IV to characterize the mechanical properties such as initial creep, initial set, impact energy, frequency, effective dynamic modulus, point modulus, Yerzley Resilience, and Yerzley hysteresis, Tangent of Delta. These properties are evaluated at deformations of 20% or less for those materials.

The principle of operation of AYO-IV is that of simple harmonic motion: properties of the material under test are derived from the analysis of the vibrational frequency and the damping rate of the free oscillations, which follow the initial known potential energy applied to the test sample. This principle of operation of AYO-IV enables the user to test the specimen at its natural frequency, which is a critical parameter for the design of vibration isolators for their specific applications.



Auto manufacturers need test results to ensure safe rubber products in their vehicles

Offering oil and gas companies ways to ensure safety in the face of seismic activity



Using AYO-IV, you can test the quality of aerospace components, including rubber seals for rocketry.


With AYO-IV, you can test the integrity of rubber material and the rolling resistance of tires.

Seismic engineering


Understand how to measure mechanical properties of polymers with AYO-IV. Available to test a variety of polymers for many uses.
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In this study we investigated elastomeric materials based on natural rubber used in the manufacture of rubber and rubber-metal vibration isolators. Basic anti-vibration properties were identified and stability over time was predicted. To achieve the objectives, tests were conducted on a mechanical oscilloscope Yerzley AYO-IV.
Impact energy absorption and hysteresis are important parameters that predict vibration isolation characteristics of rubber compounds.
Predict how rubber components like tires and timing belts will behave during their life cycles with AYO-IV testing machine.