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In the rail industry, safety and security come first. Thus, components of high speed rail travel, be it on the ties or on the locomotives, wagons, must be tested for vibration isolation, resilience, creep and hysteresis properties for resilience, endurance, safety and comfort of travelers. For example, railroad ties utilize vibration isolation elastomeric elements, which must be designed and manufactured according to those parameters that are measured on DMYO V (Dynamic Mechanical Yerzley Oscillograph V). Our testing machine can determine the natural frequency of a sample within seconds.

It is essential that parameters that are measured by DMYO V are included in the design and manufacturing phases of these components, which have become critical parts as trains increase the speed of transport at higher and higher speeds.


Floating Track Slab Isolation

Used in railroads and underground train railways, floating track slabs help absorb the noise that trains generate as they travel. Soft pads and similar elastomeric vibration isolators can be designed and manufactured according to specific needs. With AYO-IV testing, you can identify the isolation region by generating the transmissibility / Frequency Ratio curves for different specimens manufactured from different rubber compounds.

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Auto manufacturers need to test for rubber properties to ensure safe vehicle parts

Elastomeric components on oil rigs must be tested for vibration isolation elements to protect during seismic incidents