The design of the Dynamic Mechanical Yerzley Oscillograph (DMYO-V) is loosely based on its predecessor the Advanced Yerzley Oscillograph (AYO-IV) and complies with ASTM D945-22 test method. DMYO-V incorporates both a displacement transducer as well as a load cell. Its test control and data evaluation software is capable of not only controlling the test procedures but also evaluating the test results. This eliminates almost all human errors. Both compression and shear tests can be run on this equipment. Rubber compound properties can be determined both under static and dynamic conditions. Dynamic tests are always performed at the system’s natural frequency and complete within a few seconds. Dynamics tests are especially useful in comparing the vibration isolation and energy absorption capacity of similar, but different materials. The static Hysteresis test is also completely automated. Once programmed and started, it will run unattended. All tests provide graphic results as well as text reports.


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